About Hopz.io

Hopz.io is a cool classic game with simple features and graphics but it’s kind of engaging to play. You have to direct your character carefully to jump over others for earning a lot of points. This sounds simple, yet very hard to master. Moving around in a narrow arena is not easy at all. You have to stay on top all the time, try to hop over others while stopping them from jumping over you. If you succeed passing over an enemy, you will be able to get rid of him, and a point will be definitely given to you. Don’t get hopped, or else all of your points will be gone, which means your game come to an end. You can perform a double jumping which is the best strategy. In addition, you are advised to stick to the map side, and by doing so, you won’t get surrounded. Are you ready? Let’s begin the game now!

How To Play

Use arrow keys for moving your character, press up arrow key to jump, press it twice to perform a double jump.

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