About HoppingBalls.io

Relax and get more fun with HoppingBalls.io! You will like this new io game online once playing it for free in your browser. HoppingBalls.io unblocked pits you against other opponents from around the world. You will race with them in a frogger way. All players will take control of their 3D balls trying to bounce their way through the track. The ball must bounce as fast as possible, so you need to control it carefully and attempt to overcome all the obstacles that get in your way, such as spikes. If your ball touches those spikes or any objects on the way, the game will be over for you. As you race, you should stay on the lookout for your surroundings. Pay attention to the enemy moves as well, so you can deal with them using your smart strategies. As you progress, you will increase your score. Keep growing it to climb up the ladder and become the best racer!

How To Play

Navigate the movement of your ball using the arrow keys.

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