About HiveSweeper

HiveSweeper unblocked is a territory-style io game inspired by Minecraft. You can play it for free with a lot of players from around the world and challenge them to crazy matches. You become an aggressive bee fighting against up to 5 other bees for claiming the biggest territory in the hive. You need to go capture an area then turn it into yours and you can also mark a bomb area as you play. Make sure you bring all the captured areas back to your main base to expand the territory. But, you have to protect them from other players because they can take yours. If you run out of tiles or let other bees destroy your territory, the game will be over. Try your best to use smart strategies to get an upper hand on them and become the best bee in the hive to win. Are you ready? Play HiveSweeper free online now!

How To Play

Use the left mouse to claim "safe" tiles, the right mouse to claim "trap" tiles. Use the left mouse and drag to pan the camera around the hive.

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