About HexArena.io

Try out a new strategy io game called HexArena.io unblocked! It’s all about area control. You will have a chance to prove your strategic and tactical skills through challenges in this title. HexArena.io free online pits you against real opponents from around the world. Your mission here is to taking over land and protecting your territory. You must wander around the map capturing as many tiles as possible. You can buy them or get them using your armies. As you spread out on the map and get more villages, a timed income will be awarded to you. You can use this income to train the armies, create more structures, houses or even improve structures. Other enemies are doing the same! So, you need to defeat them with your armies before they attack you. Keep expanding your territory until you get to the top rank on the leaderboard. That’s what your objective is! Have fun with HexArena.io!

How To Play

Use WASD or the mouse to move the camera. Press Q/E or the mouse wheel scroll to zoom, use the left mouse to interact.

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