Grab your gun and go kill all enemies in! Your main task in this 2D Shooter Strategy game is to command discrepant squadron units and send them out into the fight to finish off everything standing in your way. You must turn yourself into a hostile commander that has lots of abilities with great tactics for this fight. Guide your units through the map to hunt for the opponents, assault all of them while trying to pick up many boxes. With the gathered boxes, you can sue them as currency to purchase more soldiers at a high level. Having stronger units in your hand will help you deal damage to the rivals more easily, especially the tougher ones. To possess a group full of powerful units, you must have a lot of money, and make sure you spend your earnings wisely. The final goal here is to build your dominance in this battlefield. Good luck!

How To Play

Move your units using arrow keys or WASD. Shoot at enemies with the left mouse. Use arrow keys for purchasing a unit.

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