In a narrow enclosure in unblocked, the geese have to fight one another for their survival and dominance. online is like a clone of, but still, it has its own stuff to explore. The game is all about controlling your goose through the enclosure to defeat other enemy geese. The reason why you are in this enclosure is that you and other geese have angered the farmer by taking his stuff, causing him to lock all of you. Naturally, a battle for survival has sparked between these geese. And now, you are here for it. You have to move your goose carefully to eat enough food for your big size. As you grow in size, you will become stronger than others, which allows you to kill and outsmart them easily. Just make sure you keep your goose safe from others, otherwise, you will be defeated. The last goose alive in the enclosure will become the winner and rule the arena! Have fun!

How To Play

Use the mouse to move your goose, the left mouse to attack and the right mouse to sprint.

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Nebulous Online