Are you good at wielding a sword to kill your enemies? Show off this ability to the whole world by joining – a nice free-for-all Strategy game! In the game, you become a cunning goon armed with a strong sword, and it’s your job to slash all opponents by using that sword. This is your main task, but you shouldn’t forget to increase the length of the sword by gathering as many colored blobs as possible. Having the longer sword will make you more confident in killing the rivals! It will be much easier to destroy them without putting too much effort into it. In addition, you also have the skill to dash which should be used when you get trapped and need to get away from the dangers. Try your hardest to chase down the top scorers, get rid of them quickly before they eliminate you. Will you become the strongest goon in the whole arena? Good luck!

How To Play

Use the mouse to move your character. Press spacebar or click left mouse to slash the rivals. Use the right mouse or key W to dash.

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Nebulous Online