About is an RPG Strategy game that reminds you of In the game, you have to keep your territory safe by placing walls, building doors and creating some assistants like peasants, mercenaries, and guards. But first, you need to roam the map to gather a lot of resources, then use them to generate walls with a lot of doors. Also, you should construct as many towers as possible because they will extract gold for you. The more gold you have, the higher ranking you can reach! You can go attack others by controlling your guards or mercenaries. If they are destroyed during the combat, just quickly create new ones. Let them help you destroy your opponent, if he dies, you will obtain a quarter of his resources, especially gold. When you get hungry, you should produce more food by making beds. Try your hardest to survive longer and see if you will get to the highest spot on the leaderboard.

How To Play

Move your character using arrow keys or WASD. Look around the map with mouse, use keys 1-9 or click the icon to choose the building. Click left mouse to attack enemies or collect resources.

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