Geoarena Online

About Geoarena Online

Geoarena Online is a great 2D Shooter game giving you many options to customize your own base ship. Before you enter the main arena, you will scroll through the page with lots of choices. Choose your favorite type of ship, like a circle, a square, a star, an X or even a spikeball. Then, you have to pick two weapons with a specific ability. The last thing you have to select is the game mode. You can play with real online friends or the AI. Try to take control of your ship around the map carefully, aim then shoot down all enemies around before they wipe you out. You have to upgrade your ship when you increase your experience because this will boost your ship’s power, giving you a higher chance to fight off all opponents. Show off your excellent shooting abilities, fight with nice strategies and try your hardest to become the ultimate winner of this combat.

How To Play

Use keys WASD to move your ship, click left mouse button to shoot at enemies.

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