Game Of Bombs

About Game Of Bombs

Game of Bombs is a nice clone of Bomberman game. You will be placed in a big map full of enemies, and you must fight against them all for a chance of being the last Bomberman standing. Try to roam the map carefully and plant your bombs around the rivals so you can take them out. Don’t forget to drop bombs near the walls in order to break them. Once they are collapsed, they will give you many power-ups. Be sure to gather them as much as you can, then utilize them wisely to get an edge over the enemies. The power-ups can be max bomb increase, explosion range, faster movement speed and more. You should attack the enemies when you catch them off guard, ambush them when you get a chance while trying to keep yourself alive. Make an attempt to climb the top, which turns you into the best Bomberman of all!

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How To Play

Use keys WASD for the movement, plant your bombs by using spacebar.

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