About is a Slither-inspired Strategy game in which you have to fight against a lot of enemy snakes controlled by real human players. You spawn on the map as a small snake that roams around to hunt for food and try to eat them as much as possible to increase your length as well as strengthen yourself. The killing system in this IO game is different from other Slither Style games. You have to aim and shoot colored balls at the rivals to cut their bodies in half, but you have to be careful when you do so, especially if you misuse the balls. The more balls you shoot out, the shorter your length will become. Therefore, you are suggested to play with good strategies if you want to take out the rival snakes. The main goal here is to be the strongest snake that vanquishes the entire arena. Have fun, guys!

How To Play

Direct your snake using the mouse, click left mouse button to fire, and speed up the snake using the right mouse button.

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