Forge of Empires

About Forge of Empires

All empires in Forge of Empires unblocked have to fight one another for the ultimate victory. Since there is only the mightiest empire that may succeed in conquering the horizon and domesticating the wild lands of the unknown regions, this competition becomes much more challenging. Forge of Empires free online is an exciting yet tough tower defense game in which your goal is to build an almighty empire. You have to guide your people through a lot of obstacles so as to make your empire more thrived. There are plenty of ages you will get through, from the bronze age, silver age, golden age, to platinum age. Make your way through the map collecting resources to build a big city, craft items, and develop an army. You can send your army out into the fight to defeat other enemies and then take their lands. Will you lead people to the thriving empire? Join the game now! Have fun with it!

How To Play

Perform actions and click through the in-game menus using the mouse.

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