About is a 2D Shooter free for all game that also bears the battle royale style. You will join many rounds of combat to finish off all enemies for your survival and victory. There will be lots of rivals coming from across the world. You will come up against them throughout the course of the game, so have your skills and strategies ready to kill them all before they have a chance to destroy you. Start roaming around the map finding a lot of weapons, pick them up then use them wisely to shoot down the opponents when they get in sight. In addition, you will see lots of mystery crates and health packs scattered on the ground. You should gather them all to get more boosts or even stronger weapons. With the health packs, they will heal your hit points. Try your hardest to kill everything standing in your way and turn yourself into the best shooter of all!

How To Play

Use keys WASD for moving around the map. Press key Shift for sprinting, use key F to interact, use spacebar for dashing, click left mouse to assault the enemies, use the mouse wheel scroll or key Q for changing the weapon.

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