About game is an advancement io game with Agario style – an action type of game that requires simple gameplay and an interesting plot. And primarily, you are a weak clownfish trying to raise your level to become stronger! Moreover, in this world of dangerous fish surroundings, there is no mercy. If you are weak and slow, you will definitely lose!

You may start as a Clownfish, yet as you overhaul you gradually develop into a startling hunter and try to hunt other fish! So eat your enemies and ingest their forces. Become a definitive hunter in unblocked and own the natural way of life starting from the top. Play free online with friends and compete to find out the one who has the highest score! Finally, invite your friends to play right now! In conclusion, is an ideal game for those who like sea creatures and love to find out how the deep sea looks like!

How To Play

Use WASD to move and Mouse to boost up speed.

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