About Exocraft.io

Start your mining adventure on a strange planet in a wonderful browser-based game called Exocraft.io! The game lets you direct a mining craft around in space to search for a lot of wreckages and crystal points where you can mine resources. However, this quest is so tough when you have to face a lot of guardians that are protecting the crystal points. They won’t be hesitant to kill you or even demolish your mining craft. So you must fight them off while keeping yourself alive. When you gather a lot of resources, you can put them on sale for more cash, then spend your earnings on new upgrades for your craft, which will power up yourself over time. You can buy some drones to let them keep your craft safe or even battle against the guardians. Can you survive longer and become the best player in the whole arena? Play the game now!

How To Play

Move your mining craft using arrow keys or WASD. Click left mouse to interact with objects.

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