About Ducklings

Ducklings is a game like Crowd City when it also features crowd-building gameplay. In Ducklings unblocked, you will take control of a duck around a big pond trying to rescue as many ducklings as possible. There are many boats and enemies that you must avoid and defeat. The boats can hurt your crowd while the enemies can take your ducks. Hence, you will have to watch out for all of them as well as prepare some strategies in advance to deal with them. As you build a big crowd of ducks, you should quickly take the ducks back to the nest in the pond before someone takes them. You can improve the nest by gathering even more ducklings and make sure you protect it all the time. When you have a chance to attack enemies, do it quickly! You can take the enemy ducks then add them to your side. The main goal in Ducklings free game is to build the biggest crowd of ducklings in the pond. Have fun!

How To Play

Direct the movement of your ducklings using the mouse, keyboard, or the joypad.

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