About Drillem.io

Let’s join a tough drill battle in Drillem.io game now! You will come across many opponents from across the world. You direct a drill around the map to dig the ground for making a network of tunnels. If you want to destroy the rivals, you need to plant bombs in the tunnels. They will blow up and demolish the enemies instantly. But this is also very dangerous if you get stuck, you may get blown up by even your own bomb. So try to be careful when you are near the bombs. Also, make sure you elude the drills and bombs of your opponents. Never stop upgrading yourself by gathering plenty of materials dispersed on the ground. You can buy brand new enhancements for your drill and turn it into the strongest drill of all. Try to survive longer to rule the entire drilling arena. Are you ready? Kick it off now!

How To Play

Click left mouse button to speed up and to place a bomb, you need to click the right mouse.

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