Put your surviving ability to a test in a fantastic Agario Style game called! You will feel so nostalgic when playing this awesome browser-based game as it will remind you of how challenging was. Now, the same goes for! You play as a small dot roaming around a vast map full of food dots. Your job is to absorb the dots as much as possible in order to increase your size. However, there is a twist here! Whenever you increase your level, your dot will start getting smaller, requiring you to continue scaling up. Watch out for the bigger dots because they surely eat you up when you are close to them. You can try to absorb smaller dots, which helps you grow the size more quickly. Don’t forget to boost your dot when you want to chase others. See if you can become the number one on the leaderboard! Have fun!

How To Play

Take control of your dot using the mouse or arrow keys. Press spacebar or click left mouse to speed up.

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