Enter the arena of game to launch a deadly combat against many opponents, dragons, trolls and plenty inhabitants. This world is full of dangers, so you must fight with good strategies to finish off all enemies. This RPG game lets you choose a skill for your character at the starting of the game. That skill will help you proceed to the next level, and for every level you pass, you can unlock brand new skills. You need to have a good amount of crystals to get access to several skills, but some won’t require the crystals. Don’t worry about running low on crystals because they will be regained automatically. During the course of the game, you should gather bonuses, like runes of health, extra crystals, they all bring you an edge over the enemies. The main goal here is to establish your dominance and become the best fighter of all! Wish you luck!

How To Play

Use the PCM button to control your character and direct him using the mouse. Press keys QWER to use the abilities.

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Nebulous Online