Join game now and see how long you can survive all dangers! In this Survival browser-based game, there are three risks you will face, including hunger, wild animals, and monsters. As an unarmed player, you must roam around the map to collect a lot of resources, then, use them to craft items. You should construct more buildings, destroy wild animals for more food, and quickly absorb them when you feel hungry. Don’t forget to construct a fortress and battle against many aggressive clans. You can fight as a solo player or team up with some friends. Always watch out for the surroundings, especially the dangerous opponents that may ambush you when they catch you off guard. Also, you need to improve your skills with leveling up through over time, surpass all challenges, stay alive longer and try your hardest to become the best survivor in the whole arena. Wish you luck!

How To Play

Use keys WASD for the movements. Click left mouse to assault enemies or utilize items. Press spacebar for charging or jumping. Use key Shift for sneaking around, key Q to release an item, key R to take apart a building, key E for mounting or unmounting weapon or turret.

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