Direct your own aircraft around the sky in an epic 2D Shooter game called DogfightX! You will battle against plenty of skilled rivals from across the world. There are three characters for you to pick, and each of them has their own aircraft, including the Bristol F2b, the PfalzD11, and the Fokker DR.I with different statistics. You need to direct your aircraft carefully to aim and shoot down other enemies while protecting yourself. The enemy fleet, together with the mothership, will be very strong through over time. So you should make some excellent teamwork with your allies to get rid of them all. When you earn a high score, you can level up your aircraft, and get access to various stats, like bullet damage, barrel, max HP, shield, max speed and bomb damage. Your main goal here is to dominate all the skies! Are you ready? Let’s enter the fight right now!

How To Play

Move your aircraft using WASD. Shoot at enemies using the left mouse. Press spacebar or Shift to speed up, and use the right mouse to bomb.

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