About DinoRoyale.io

You play the role of a dinosaur in DinoRoyale.io unblocked! The game revolves around a fight between dinosaurs controlled by players. It features the battle royale element, which means there can be only one winner ruling the arena. You control your dinosaur through the map picking up and eating fruit. The fruit is known as a good source of food for your evolution. This means the more fruit you eat, the bigger size you will have. This is how you strengthen yourself in DinoRoyale.io free online. You should stay on guard when eating fruit because if someone catches you off guard, you will get attacked, and may get eaten by them if they are bigger than you. Try to get an edge over all enemies using your smart strategies, survive, and climb the top rank on the leaderboard and you will become the king of the arena. Play DinoRoyale.io game for free! Have fun with it!

How To Play

The mouse is used for moving your dinosaur around the map.

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