About unblocked is a zombie-themed strategy and survival game from the io games series. It is set in a world full of bloodthirsty zombies, and only the best human player can survive. Could it be you? You have to show off your skills as well as use your smart strategies to defeat all the zombies to become the best player that dominates this dangerous world. free game brings a wide array of cool features to your experience, including third-person shooter survival gameplay, a huge map full of zombies and evil players, various dispersed weapons to collect, and nice 3D graphics. If you want to experience a new zombie io game, then online is a game for you.

When you step into the arena, you should be ready for an epic battle because if you don’t, you will take damage easily. Watch out for your surroundings as you play and have your weapons ready to deal damage to your opponents, especially the zombies. But first, you need to pick up some weapons as you move around the map. Since the weapons are diverse, you will have more options and make sure you choose the ones that fit your play style. Each weapon has its own characteristics, weaknesses, and strengths, making your arsenal choice more interesting. You have to get through the apocalypse madness in this zombie io game, defeat all of your opponents and get to the top rank to become the best survivor. Play online for free! Have fun!

How To Play

Use WASD or arrow keys for the movement, use Shift to roll, C to crouch, spacebar to jump, the left mouse button to shoot, the right mouse button to aim, number keys 1-5 to change weapons, E for action, Enter to chat, Tab to open the leaderboard, P to pause the game, and L to toggle the mouse.

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