About DarkNova.io

DarkNova.io is an epic space-themed shooter game revolving around an intense battle between the red team and the blue team. You will join one of them then start fighting along with your teammates to protect or steal the gem from the opposing team. Fly around in space with your ship to shoot down all enemies that are standing in your way. You must earn as many kills as possible for a lot of cash, which then allows you to buy many different ships with awesome modifications for the next round. Always stick with your teammates, ambush the rivals from behind, stay in their blind spots and never let them counter your attacks. If you get destroyed, you will become a spectator for the rest of the round. When you engage in the game in the mid-round, you won’t be a player but just a spectator until the next round comes. There is a leaderboard in this IO game too, your main goal is to lead your team to the top of it! Good luck!

How To Play

Use keys WASD to direct your ship, and use the mouse to aim at enemies. Press key Y to open the shop, key F for full screen

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