Cute Kitty Pregnant

About Cute Kitty Pregnant

Cute Kitty Pregnant unblocked is a game for you to experience a nurse feeling for a pregnant cat. You will help her give birth and take care of the newborn kittens.

If you are a cat lover, you definitely cannot miss the experience with Cute Kitty Pregnant for kids. This is the place for you to learn useful lessons on how to care for pregnant cats and kittens. You’ll start with grooming and grooming the mother cat, then take her to the operating room. To remove the kittens from the womb, you will need a scalpel, ultrasound machine, oxygen mask, gloves and more. Besides, you need to follow the correct procedure and follow the instructions available on the screen. Dissect the mother’s belly with a surgical knife, disinfect the wound, take the kitten out and then suture the wound. That’s what a veterinarian will do to help a cat give birth safely.

After giving birth, you can see adorable looking kittens with wet fur. You will help them clean their fur, stroke them and give them milk. Plus, you can even decorate your cat with a new collar, a new cushion, and new toys. You can make the mother cat and the kittens happy, so you can also feel the joy. This animal 2D game is really a great choice for both entertainment and learning. Although caring for a pregnant cat is a fairly close topic, not everyone grasps it well. Therefore, you should try this html5 game online at least once to know all about the steps in the process of taking care of a pregnant cat. Wish you have fun with lovely cats, you can record the playing process and share with everyone.

How To Play

Move the mouse along the directions, click to select items

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