Don’t miss a chance to join an addictive and amazing Slither Style IO game called Curvefever. A brand new adventure is awaiting you ahead. Your main task here is to control a snake-line character around the map to fight against lots of other opponents while keeping yourself alive as long as possible in this fierce arena. There are so many handy power-ups that are scattered over the map, and you should collect them so you can beat the enemies more easily. Your snake moves on its own, you only have to turn left or right carefully so you won’t crash into your own body, the trails made by you, and the trails of other enemies, or even the walls. Any slight collision is dangerous enough to lead the game to a failure. Hence, you have to stay watchful for the surroundings! Try your hardest to survive until you climb the top of the leaderboard.

How To Play

Use the left/right arrow keys to take control of your snake.

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