About is a platformer survival io game settled in a randomly-created world where players have to prove their survivability through lots of challenges. gameplay may sound like a Minecraft game, but it is different a bit and much funnier to play. If you are expecting to experience a new survival game, then unblocked will be a good choice for you. As you make your way through this wild world, you have nothing in your hands. Now, it’s time to get some! You start collecting some resources then use them to craft some advanced items and weapons for yourself. At least you should equip yourself with several good things so you can deal with the surroundings around you, especially other players from around the world. Besides collecting resources and crafting stuff, you can build a big castle just like you have always dreamed of. Your dreamed castle also becomes a target to other players and especially the evil mobs. You should stop them from destroying the castle as well as quickly slay them all before they attack you. You can pick up rocks then throw them at those rivals. You will compete and kill them on the rankings! When you feel hungry, make sure you go find some food to eat to recover your health. Try your hardest to be the first in the rank as well as survive in this wild world. Have fun with game!

How To Play

Use WASD for the movement, press number key 1-9 to choose from the inventory. To give items to other players, drag and drop items from your inventory.

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