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Crowded City.io

About Crowded City.io

Crowded City.io the game is one of the most addictive .iO titles. Accept to play and you will be thrown into a new 3D massive map along with lots of strange players. However, you will not start as an ordinary man as before because you are a soulless corpse. Meanwhile, your mission is to own the largest team ever. So, it’s necessary for you to gather more members. It’s really easy to do that for roaming unowned people.

After you take part in Crowded City.io or download it from your favorite app, you are able to enjoy the adventure on PC or on a mobile device. It’s completely free to bite or grab humans with your teeth or hands. Each attack will quickly turn them into the newbie of your party. Not only that, you do not forget that you are allowed to implement the same for your online rivals. Just approach their followers carefully and rapidly capture them. Even, you can eliminate a whole swarm in Crowded City.io unblocked if you are successful in defeating their leader. Therefore, you must protect your core and the entire clan always for survival. It is essential to stay alive at the moment that you level up or dominate the leaderboard! Are you willing to experience and unlock stronger monsters and power-ups? Good luck!

How To Play

Press the Left mouse button and move the mouse cursor to control your zombies

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