Crowd City

About Crowd City

Playing this Crowd Cty game, if you want to be a villain. The player needs to control the zombies and turn as many people in the city into zombies as possible. This Crowd City game online is one of the few games of online multiplayer io game that has such a unique gameplay concept.

When the player plays Crowd unblocked with 2.5D graphics and creepy sound, play will completely immerse himself in your zombies. Not only turning city residents into zombies, but players also need to destroy groups of rival zombies.

For each brain that the zombies eat, earn points and the player can upgrade blood or attack from them. A little trick when playing the game to easily win is attacking from behind the enemy. They will not react in time if the player does like that. And lastly, citizens will appear randomly every 30 seconds so make use of it to reinforce your forces.

How To Play

Use mouse to move your zombies if you can

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