About Crowd

Can you build the biggest crowd of zombies in Crowd online? It’s fun to play a nice crowd-building io game with players from around the world. You will have a chance to prove your skills. The aim of the game is to make the biggest crowd possible for city domination. You start with a single character and have to move through around the city to find more followers then add them to your side to form a crowd. You should be fast when converting followers to your cause because other players are doing the same task as you, and they will not be hesitant to attack your crowd. You need to perform good moves as well as nice strategies to get an upper hand on them and stop them from building crowd. Keep your crowd alive for as long as possible until it becomes the biggest one on the server. That’s when you rule the city. Play Crowd City unblocked free right now!

How To Play

Use the mouse, arrow keys, or WASD to move your crowd around the city in the game.

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