About Crazy

Playing jumping games is surely a great way of entertaining yourself, and with Crazy unblocked, not only will it keep you entertained, but also test your jumping skill a lot when it pits you against various enemies from around the world in a ruthless jumping competition. Once the match is started, take control of your character and let him jump around the map knocking out as many rivals out of the arena as possible. As you knock others, your size will be built up, also, your strength will be much more increased. Just make sure to defend yourself from the enemies around you, especially the tougher ones since you have no ideas about what they are up to. It’s very important to keep you safe all the time, and gradually, you can jump your way up to the highest rank on the leaderboard to become the best jumper. Try Crazy game now!

How To Play

Use the mouse to move and click the left mouse or spacebar to jump.

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