About Crazy

Play online Crazy an interesting iO game in space and eat everything to witness another Big Bang! Take part in a fun multiplayer competition as and collect as much food as possible. Each time you consume asteroids and smaller planetary bodies, your mass will be increased significantly. You’d better attack other galaxies carefully. Although it is risky to aim at those targets, they are really helpful for you to grow in size. When you become larger, you will seize more opportunities to dominate the entire universe.

Enjoy Crazy unblocked you should pay attention to the difference in the effect of pieces of cosmic debris or celestial body that you swallow. They can be useful to speed up or get bigger. It’s fairly dangerous if you do not master that because they can cause the death of you. In case you are eliminated, you cannot enter again immediately. Good luck!

How To Play

Use the left mouse button to drag your galaxy, Space button to accelerate

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