Christmas Beach Kiss

About Christmas Beach Kiss

Christmas Beach Kiss unblocked is an interesting challenge for you where you try to sneak on the beach. Don’t let Santa see you kiss if you don’t want to break up.

This is a very funny but addictive experience for couples in love. They will try to kiss as much as they can to fill the love bar and enter a new level. It’s like a puzzle that you have to find a way to solve when you play Christmas Beach Kiss on browsers for free. Your task is not as simple as you think, because Santa Claus is always lurking from behind. Don’t let him see you kissing your lover or you will have to break up with him immediately. It’s not fun, so you need to know how to take advantage of opportunities when Santa is away to kiss secretly. Each kiss will be so sweet as it takes place on a cool blue beach and the sound is soothing and relaxing. But you have to secretly kiss, that makes you even more excited, doesn’t it?

This online HTML5 game may be suitable for couples in love, but it is for anyone. Because it is like a challenge to test the acumen and patience of gamers. Are you patient enough to secretly kiss while Santa Claus is constantly stalking you? Or are you nimble enough to dodge his gaze from the back of the sled? You decide what kind of date this will be, romantic or regretful. So you’ll either find a way to kiss as much as you can or give up and find a easier experience. Looks like you should try this challenge at least once to enjoy the sweet feeling everyone wants.

How To Play

Click and hold the mouse to kiss, release the mouse to stop it when you see the look from Santa Claus

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