About unblocked opens a huge world of fish! Imagine that you are playing game in the fish world, and it must be very cool, right? In free online, you take on the role of a little fish trying to eat plankton to grow in size. At first, you should focus on eating plankton first because you are too weak to fight against others, and if you engage in a fight, you may end up getting destroyed easily. Keep in mind that the whole ocean is packed with dangers, and this is not a safe place for a small fish like you. Therefore, you should get yourself larger through over time. Once you are ready for the conflict, you can jump into it to beat all enemy fishes, eat the smaller ones as fast as possible while still keeping yourself away from the bigger sea creatures, or else you will get eaten. Watch out for your stamina bar as it may run out, causing you to eat something to restore it! You aim to become the most dangerous fish in Chops io free game. Good luck!

How To Play

Use the left mouse or spacebar to accelerate. Use the right mouse or key Ctrl to speed up and bite.

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