About is a new 2D shooting action game where you play against multiple aggressive opponents online for free. Fly around the latest airspace with an aircraft and remember to poison as many persons as possible! When the Coverage bar at the top of the screen is filled, your plane will grow bigger and you will have more chances to rank up sooner.

Take part in the battle in unblocked you can collect a lot of power-ups without difficulty. They will give you weapons, speed-ups and temporary larger wings so you are able to cover much more. You must avoid hits for survival! If you lose, the enemy will loot your progress. Evade unnecessary encounters and knock down the rivals secretly! Alike with Slither style, try to block the prey with your chemtrail! Get ready to register an account, earn EXP, gain rewards, and dominate the leaderboard now!

How To Play

Move the mouse cursor to fly, tap Q to drop a bomb, E to release missiles, Space to boost speed

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