About unblocked is a strategy game with a tower defense element. You are a castle controller who has to defeat dragons, drakes, other opponents and their castles in a big arena. You make your way through the arena with your castle hunting for others to kill. When you catch sight of them, quickly destroy them before they run away or kill you. You will have to collect mana orbs to increase your experience points. Also, you have to advance your levels through over time. After reaching Level 145, you will not be able to upgrade your castle anymore, so keep this in mind. You will get 1 upgrade point from every level and when you have enough upgrade points, you can evolve your small castle into the giant one. Make sure you always move cleverly as well as shoot at enemies accurately for a chance of winning. Can you dominate the arena with your big castle in game? Play it now!

How To Play

Use arrow keys or WASD to move your castle. Use the left mouse to charge up your attack, and use the right mouse to run away from danger.

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