Are you excited for a fun battle in Hop in this awesome RPG Tower Defense game right now to perform your abilities and try to conquer your opponent. You have a castle which must be protected from the attacks of the rival. Start to deploy many strong buildings with unit cards so you can break down the enemy’s Castle. Your units and buildings will be able to release stronger forces into the arena if you improve them through over time. The buildings are much more efficient than units, however, they are slower and don’t have much instant impact. Another thing you must remember is that the unit cards don’t produce wood or income. Try to use them wisely so you won’t destroy your economy. Make sure you will time your assaults so that the enemy won’t be able to protect his castle. Play the game now! Hope you have a blast with it!

How To Play

Use the mouse to drag cards to your arena, or you can use the keys 1-8. Click the arrow to select your upgrades.

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