Camping School Trip

About Camping School Trip

You can play Camping School Trip online now and go on an exciting school trip with the princesses. You can choose tents and change the girls’ outfits as you like.

Summer is coming and are you ready for a picnic somewhere in the woods? If not, go to Camping School Trip unblocked and you can discover their adventures on a school trip! You will meet the beautiful princesses in the fairy world but with a more modern and dynamic appearance. They have arrived at the picnic site but do not know how to choose the tent and how to put on makeup. So they need an expert to help complete this exciting trip, and that’s you. You can choose tents for 3 girls with different styles and colors. Besides, you can also customize each girl’s outfit and makeup according to your preferences.

There will be a lot of items to choose from and you just need to click on the corresponding icons on the screen to change your selection. Would you like a girl with long or short hair, loose or bun? Or do you prefer an active style with jeans and a crop top or a light style with a pink dress? All available here for you to comfortably dress up beautiful girls, making them stand out like never before. Every girl has a different style with her own outfits, hairstyles and accessories, why not? This adventure food game will be fun to stimulate your creativity in fashion and much more. So enjoy this fun picnic in your online browser here and you can play it over and over again.

How To Play

Click to select items and customize your beautiful princesses

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