Bumper Cars

About Bumper Cars

Bumpers Cars unblocked is a fantastic racing game about aliens racing against each other for their ultimate victory. As one of the aliens joining the game, you must use your excellent skills to finish off all enemies if you want to win. Bumper Cars free game online makes you think fast and move faster during the battle. Around you are plenty of enemies and they are willing to destroy you. Take control of your bumper car, speed it up and smash into enemies then run them off the border of the arena while defending yourself from their attacks. Every time you bump an enemy, your power and size will be increased. But you will find it a bit harder to control when your vehicle gets bigger. That doesn’t matter at all if you have good tactics to deal with it. Watch out for the play area because it will shrink in size when the game progresses. You must be careful with it and attempt to remain alive! The goal for you in Bumper Cars is to become the best alien of all!

How To Play

Use WASD or arrow keys to navigate your Bumper Car around the map. Use the spacebar to get a powerful but limited boost.

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