Build Royale

About Build Royale

Build Royale is a new io online game about building defenses and fighting. You will battle against enemies on a large map, find some weapons then use them for your fight.

When you enter the arena of Build Royale 3D game, you have to collect weapons as well as resources on the map. Then, you use them to chop down trees with other objects. Then, you also make use of their materials for building walls. These walls will help to protect you from enemies.

Besides, you can also find some weapons then use them to shoot at enemies. Try to avoid their shots, survive their attacks, and win in Build Royale unblocked!

How To Play

For the movements in the arena, you use WASD. Left-click will let you shoot enemies while right-click will let you aim or change material. Open the inventory with Tab and open the map with M.

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