Are you ready to step into a robotic combat arena in unblocked? Have your skills ready for this battle against opponents from around the world! In game, your mission is to create a bit by choosing three abilities before stepping into the arena and you must use your bot smartly to defeat all the bots controlled by your opponents. Since your bot is equipped with three abilities, you must make use of them to dish out damage to other players. Your strategy will depend on your selected abilities. You will use some abilities for defense like the force field, while you use others for offensive like the projectiles. Among those abilities, you can use the teleport to upgrade your mobility. If you know to combine them together, you will make strong combos to defeat the enemies easily. Can you lead your bot to the ultimate victory? Join free now! Much fun with it!

How To Play

Move your bot around the map using arrow keys or WASD. Aim with the mouse, and map your abilities to three keys of your choice.

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