Just like other classic Bomberman games, also lets you move around a huge map trying to plant your bombs to blow up all enemies. You take on a role of a cute Emoji icon that has to finish off all others while keeping itself away from their bombs, and especially the Meanies. While moving around the map, you must avoid contact with the mines that are dispersed on the ground. They are so attracted towards you if you approach them. If you don’t move away from them, you will get stunned and your movement speed will be reduced for a time. Be very careful with the red mines because they will explode and dish out lots of damage to you. To get away from the enemies, you should use a speed boost! Don’t forget to find the fabled Poo Hat to scare away all Meanies. Also, you must gather a lot of jewels on the floor. Will you be able to rule the arena? Try it now!

How To Play

Use the mouse for the movements. Use the left mouse to drop a bomb. Click right mouse to speed up.

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