About is an io game inspired by the original indie game Bomberman. Make your bombing skills much more improved with this io title and present your skills against enemies from around the world. The point of the game is to bomb your opponents before they bomb you. Get ready to step into the arena!

You begin unblocked at one of the outer sides of the arena and other players will be in others. The mission is to use your bombs to eliminate all others or try to be the last man standing to win. You can make your way through this arena, but it is full of obstacles. This means you have to use your bombs to clear them all and make a pathway for yourself. As you deal damage to the walls, they will drop some power-ups which can help you in the fight. You should pick up speed boosts or longer-range bombs then make use of them to get an edge over your opponents. The good strategy here is that you should get them cornered and trap them with your bombs. They will be exploded! But you have to be careful with your own explosion and theirs. If you get bombed, the game will be over. Don’t forget to upgrade yourself through over time as well as increase your points to get to the highest rank on the leaderboard. The arena of free needs the best hero like you. Play and have fun with it!

How To Play

Move around the map using WASD and drop bombs using the spacebar.

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