About doesn’t like other 3D shooter games, it is a combination of pixel battle royale game and multiplayer io game. In game you need to survive, pick up guns and kill enemies like a real mercenary.

Play online with pixel graphics you will be very familiar with the game. In the game you play as a mercenary dropped into a land with 100 enemies. Your task is to find and pick up guns and armor, then destroy all enemies to win.

The weapon system in the game is also very diverse with famous guns such as ak47, x4 gun, 6-shot pistol and so on. There are also types of armor, energy drinks and blood tanks to make the strategy richer. Another important thing while playing the game is “always run into the cube early”. So that you can find a good position to effectively ambush your opponent.

How To Play

You can use WASD to move, F to pick up and Mouse left click to shoot

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