Bobb’s World

About Bobb’s World

Bobb’s World is a fun pixel game about Bobb – a character who is hungry. You will give a hand to Bobb so he can get to planets, defeat enemies, then eat food.

This arcade 2D game is about Bobb who is hungry. He has to eat food in the universe with challenges and enemies. So, he needs your help to overcome those challenges.

You will use some good skills when you play Bobb’s World pixel game. For instance, you can jump and dash through challenges, defeat enemies, as well as vanquish obstacles. Your character has to reach lots of planets then eat food to survive the hunger.

Play Bobb’s World unblocked and help Bobb eat food!

How To Play

Move through the universe with WASD or arrow keys. Jump over enemies using the spacebar. Dash through challenges using C.

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