About Biome3D

It must be awesome to enjoy a 3D version of! All you have to do is to enter a vast arena of a great IO game called Biome 3D which is known as a perfect clone of You will experience lots of unique 3D graphics, stunning effects as well as nice features. As a small blob, your job is to grow your mass by eating smaller blobs while staying away from the bigger ones. This gameplay is just similar to what you had to do in You must focus on eating smaller enemies, increase your size to the max so you can rule the whole arena. You can split your blob into 2 equal sized ones, or eject your mass so that you are able to move at a faster speed. When you grow up, you should hunt down weaker opponents using your strategies. Eat them all to power up yourself more, which will increase a chance of survival! Play it now!

How To Play

Use the mouse to move your blob. Use keys WASD to move the camera, press spacebar to divide your blob into two.

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