Destroy everything in sight and lead your hero to the final victory in a super entertaining Agario Style Strategy game called You are armed with a powerful sword which must be utilized wisely to slash nearby enemies while trying to protect yourself from their attacks. You’d better time your assaults accurately so you can hit them well. There are plenty of rivals that you will come up against when making your way through the map. You should keep an eye on the surroundings, be aware of the incoming attacks, then quickly elude them effectively. If you get hit, it will be a game over for you instantly. Don’t forget to collect some weapon upgrades on the ground. They will surely power up yourself, make you stronger to finish off the rivals easily. Just like other IO games, your final goal here is to dominate the leaderboard. Have fun and good luck!

How To Play

Move your hero around the map using the mouse. Click left mouse to assault the enemies, use key D for dashing.

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