In unblocked, to fight off the big foxes, the small foxes must grow their sizes by eating a lot of fruit on the map. Similar to in terms of gameplay, free lets you play as a small fox when you spawn in the arena and you aim to grow big. You must eat as much fruit as possible to get your size bigger, and then you can go gobble up other foxes that are smaller, though you still have to stay away from the bigger ones. To run away from them, use a lot of holes on the map. As soon as you have stepped into a hole, the enemies cannot catch you, and this is how you save your life. The holes will teleport you to more areas on the map. You may meet new enemies in a new area, so always be careful with them as well as have your strategies ready to cope with them. You must grow and survive until you get to the highest rank on the leaderboard.

How To Play

The mouse is used for moving your fox around the map to eat fruit and eat smaller enemies.

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