About unblocked may blow you away if you like battle royale multiplayer games. It is a new unique and fun game with exciting gameplay. you will be addicted to the Battle Point game once you start this wonderful game.

In the world of unblocked, you will start as a weak and unarmed soldier. You will have to go explore the map and find the best and most suitable weapon for you to protect yourself and fight other players. if you want to win, you will have to become the last soldier standing in the battlefield, that you will have to destroy all of your enemies. To make the game more excited and fair, there is a safe zone that’ll slowly shrink, forcing all players to have a face-to-face battle. so will you become the champion or just a small stepping stone for someone else to their victory? join the game and find out.

How To Play

You can play this game on a web browser or Android. Besides, you can choose Move WASD / key arrow. R: reload. G: throw the grenade. Left mouse click: shoot or pick up items.

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