Do you know what it takes to become an excellent soccer player? Let game get you through a lot of challenges and give you a chance to show off your skills. You will confront with lots of opponents from around the world. Pick your favorite team, the red one or the blue one, then, work with your allies to defeat the opposing team. You need to catch the ball and dribble it into the enemy goal for scoring points. Remember that you have to keep your goal safe! If the enemies shoot the ball into it, they will earn points, and you won’t have a chance to win. Don’t forget to gather lots of circles on the pitch to refill the power bar which will run out through over time. Use the power to shoot the ball and outsmart the rival team. Can you lead your team to the final victory? Join the game now!

How To Play

Direct your character using the mouse. Use key C or click right mouse to sprint, click left mouse to speed up, use key X to brake, and press key F for changing camera.

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